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February 2024

Bringing a Puppy Home: A Puppy Checklist

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You’re about to include a four legged bundle of fun in your family, how exciting!

It is important to prepare your new pups’ environment before they arrive, to ensure everyone is relaxed, calm and happy when you introduce your new pet.

We recommend having the essentials ready to use as soon as your new buddy arrives:

Your pup will need their own place where they can feel safe and secure. They’ve recently left their mother and litter mates, which is a huge adjustment. A comfy and warm bed that they can snuggle into and feel safe will help ease this transition.

Food And Water Station
Let your puppy know from the outset where they can expect to be fed and find fresh, clean water.

Puppy Training Pads
Start your puppy’s toilet training they arrive. Indoor training pads encourage your buddy to go to the toilet in the one spot, until their old enough to be taken outside. Be patient though, accidents WILL happen.

Providing your puppy with plenty of stimulating toys will keep them entertained and help avoid your favorite pair of shoes becoming their next chew toy.

Puppy Play Pen
A play pen will give your pup a chance to get outdoors without having the overwhelming freedom of the entire backyard to get lost in.

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Preparing Your Home For A Puppy

Here’s a few tips on how to get your home ready to bring home your fur-baby.


Lounge Room

  • All cords and electrical cables are out of puppy’s reach.
  • If you’re puppy will be spending a lot of time in this room, provide them with a mat, bed or crate so they have a designated place of their own.


  • All cupboards / draws are secured.


  • All chemicals are stored out of reach and with the caps on.


  • No gaps in the fences or areas where puppy can escape.
  • No chewable items left on the ground or at puppy height.
  • Ensure backyard is free of toxic plants.

When bringing your puppy home for the first time, it is important to remember that they’re going through a big change. Act calmly and speak quietly, be gentle and prepared for your puppy to mourn the loss of his old family for a few days.

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