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March 2021

Is Grooming Required During Winter?


One of the biggest misconceptions we hear about, is that dogs don’t need to be groomed (or groomed minimally) during the winter months. The belief is that the dog requires the coat to grow long for the dog to stay warm.

"In fact, grooming during winter is even more important than other times of the year for your dog’s coat, their health and also well-being” Emily Myatt – Master Groomer

Long Coated Breeds

For many breeds that have long coats, winter can be both a blessing and curse. The blessing is that the longer, thicker coats can provide the extra warmth that the dog requires during the colder periods without the need for jackets or blankets. The curse is if the longer, thicker coats get matted the coat will no longer act as an effective insulation against the cold. In addition, we see that many dogs with matted fur tend to have skin infections as the water is not allowed to fall away from the dog’s skin but is held against the skin due to the mats.

Longer coated breeds need regular grooming and possibly a demoulting service, to ensure that the coats are mat free and the dead coat is removed without impacting the long, healthy coat. This will keep the dogs coat healthy and guarantee that the natural insulation is working in the cold months.

Shorter Coated Breeds

Some owners prefer to keep the coat longer in winter and refrain from having a haircut or groom. For some dogs this is fine, but for many, a regular haircut is just as important. As professional groomers we encourage our clients to keep a regular grooming routine throughout winter. But for those that prefer the longer coat look, a ‘Bits, Bath & Groom’ will allow the coat length to remain, while also trimming around the paws, sanitary areas and face for health purposes.


Bathing for the dogs is a necessity throughout the year. In the colder months we need to ensure that the dog is completely dry to avoid any chills or the dog getting cold. Some of our clients prefer to wash their dogs at home or using one of the many DIY Washes in PETstock. If you don’t have the equipment to dry your dog quickly and safely, we encourage you to take advantage of our ‘Walk-In Wash’ - this means that no appointment is necessary, simply bring your dog in for a wash and dry. Keeping your pet warm during winter and particularly after a bath, is really important for your pet’s health.


For untrimmed dogs, an extra-thick winter coat needs regular brushing. Keep your dog’s coat in top condition by brushing daily to remove tangles, dirt and dead hair, to increase skin circulation and distribute oil. A dog’s winter coat can hide trouble, such as lumps, bumps or sores, which is another good reason to keep brushing regularly. As you brush, feel and look carefully for signs of illness. If you don’t know if you’re brushing correctly or haven’t got the time, bring your furry friend into a PETstock salon and let our team do the work for you.

By the end of Winter, a dog left ungroomed for two to three months will have a coat in a very sorry state, often so dirty and matted that there is no option but to clip it off as short as possible.

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