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February 2024

Pet Horoscopes: Your Cancerian Pet


You might know the ins and outs of your own star sign, but what about your pets? If your pet was born between June 21 and Jully 22, they fall under the Cancer sign of the zodiac. According to the stars your pet is loyal, gentle – and a little bit sensitive. This isn’t an exact science – but we’re playfully looking at pet traits based on their horoscope. Read all about your Cancerian pet and what (supposedly) makes them tick!
Note…this is meant to be an entertaining read, not hard facts. Please refer to our Pet Smarts guides for advice on animal care.

What Being a Cancer Zodiac Sign Says About Your Dog or Cat

Cancer is an emotional water sign – pets born under this sign are more likely to have caring and emotionally intuitive personalities. Cancerian dogs will probably seek you out for cuddles if you’ve had a bad day – and even aloof cats may flick you a loving slow blink on an off day. In exchange, they’ll expect near-constant affection and affirmation from you. You’ve got to give love to get love!

Represented by the crab, cancer is the caretaker of the zodiac. They’re known homebodies that like to settle down and appreciate the quiet life! Cancerian pets make for excellent companion animals as they love nothing more than quality time spent together.

Cancerian Pet Strengths

Supportive – expect Cancerian pets to be able to sense your emotions and offer comfort when you’re stressed. They may have missed their calling as therapy pets, but at least now you can benefit from their sweet natures!

Loyal – your devoted Cancerian pet will form deep bonds and thrive on companionship. They are fiercely protective and will go to great lengths to ensure the safety and well-being of their loved ones.

Nurturing – according to their stars, Cancerian pets are likely to take on a caregiving role within their pack or family. In theory, this natural inclination towards care and patience makes them great with kids!

Suspicious – not necessarily a weakness, but Cancerian pets will have a natural inclination to distrust new people. It’s a byproduct of their caring and loyal natures – they’ve got to be sure someone new is worth the effort. It takes time to earn their trust.

Cancerian Pet Likes

Being Home – your pet’s a bit of a homebody. They love to settle in and relax in a calming environment. Make sure their bedding is extra comfy and they’ve got a safe space they can retreat to. They’ll appreciate it!

Water – being a water sign, many Cancerian dogs will be fans of bodies of water and will enjoy beach time and nature walks that feature visits to lakes and rivers. They may also be known puddle gremlins and love a bit of splashing about. In the case of Cancerian cats their species’ innate aversion to water may overpower their star sign – but, hey, they’ll still appreciate fish!

Cleanliness and order – this goes in hand with your pet being a homebody. They like to feel comfortable in their surroundings, and as such they’re meticulous about clean spaces. Don’t expect your Cancerian pet to make do with dirty bedding or messy spaces – they’re not about it and they’ll seek out alternatives!

Products For Your Cancer Pet

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Cancer Zodiac Treats for Pets

Your Cancerian pet values self-care – so weave it into their treat routine! We recommend skin and coat care treats for dogs and cats.

Cancer Zodiac Apparel for Pets

Dogs with the Cancer zodiac sign should combat winter’s chill – with the upmost style. Cancer is associated with the colours silver and white – so we suggest this warm silver jacket for dogs and this dainty white and lilac gingham collar for cats.

Cancer Zodiac Toys for Pets

For sensitive Cancer Zodiac dogs try our comforting toys which feature a continuous heartbeat designed to ease separation anxiety. For cats, you can’t get past this adorable crab toy. Compassionate crabs for compassionate cats.

FAQS About Cancer Pet Horoscopes

What are the birth dates for Cancer zodiac dogs and cats?
The Cancer zodiac sign spans from June 21st to July 22nd. If your furry companion's birthday falls within this period, they are considered a Cancer zodiac pet.

Are Cancer zodiac pets compatible with other zodiac signs?

Cancer zodiac pets tend to get along well with other water signs like Scorpio and Pisces. They also have harmonious relationships with earth signs such as Taurus and Virgo. However, every pet is unique, and individual personalities play a significant role in determining compatibility.

How can I create a nurturing environment for my Cancer zodiac pet?

Creating a nurturing environment for your Cancer zodiac pet involves providing them with a stable routine, ample affection, and a cozy sanctuary where they can retreat when they need some alone time. Additionally, incorporating activities that stimulate their intellect and engaging them in interactive play will contribute to their overall well-being.

Can Cancer zodiac pets be trained easily?

Cancer zodiac pets have an innate desire to please their owners, making them trainable. However, their sensitivity may require a more gentle and patient approach. Positive reinforcement techniques, such as reward-based training, work best with these gentle souls.

How can I support my Cancer zodiac pet during mood swings?

To support your Cancer zodiac pet during mood swings, it is crucial to maintain a calm and peaceful environment. Stick to a consistent routine, as disruptions can trigger emotional instability. Offering extra affection, comforting cuddles, and engaging them in activities they enjoy can help alleviate their moodiness.

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