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February 2024

Toilet Training Rabbits: Litter Training Your Bunny


How To Toilet Train Your Rabbit:

  1. Place a tray filled with ‘Back 2 Nature’ litter inside your bunny’s enclosure. If you notice your rabbit likes to go in one particular corner (as they naturally do most of the time), position the litter tray there.

  2. Encourage your bunny to get into the litter tray by placing in some treats or urine-soaked hay.

  3. Supervise the process early on and reward your rabbit for going to the toilet in the ‘correct’ spot. This will provide encouragement and get you well on your way to having a litter-trained bunny!

Hot Tip

Ensure your litter tray does not take up too much space within your bunny's enclosure. They should still have enough space for three large hops and to stand upright.