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January 2020

Top 5 Dog Travel Products: Mark & Mya’s Picks

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Got dog adventures on your mind? It’s always on Mark’s mind. Travel (and pet) influencers Mark and Mya are constantly on the road, and always testing new dog products to make their travels easier – and a lot more fun. We’ve teamed up with this dynamic duo to get their must-have dog travel products.

Mark’s Travel Product Picks For Mya…

Every dog is different; Mya loves adventure and sports. So, Mark’s product picks are quite specific to what Mya loves and needs when travelling. Make sure you have your dog’s personality in mind when selecting your own travel products. Make sure you stick to the measurements you know

Product Pick: Buddy and Belle Cooling Mat

“A simple glance at Mya will tell you that she is better suited to colder temperatures. This cooling mat has been great helping her to feel more comfortable and regulate her body temperature during our hot Australian summer days.”

The Buddy and Belle cooling mat is an easy solution to cooling your dog wherever you are on a warm day. This product is made with a non-toxic gel and will remain cooler than room temperature, without any refrigeration required.

Product Pick: EzyDog Click Adjustable Car Restraint and Harness

“We spend a lot of time on time on the road, and I don’t travel anywhere without wearing a seatbelt. So for Mya, I feel she deserves the same level of safety. I love how easy to use this product is, but most importantly, it keeps Mya safe.”

This EzyDog Click Adjustable Car Restraint is an absolute essential for traveling in the car with your dog. It’s made of high-quality, durable seat webbing, and can be easily clicked in like a seatbelt. Attach this to your dog harness, and you’re good to go.
Note: this isn’t suitable for Volvo make cars.

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Product Pick: EzyDog DFD Life Vest

“Mya and I regularly go out on the water over summer, and a dog flotation device is a must-have! I love that this product has a handle to pull Mya’s 40kgs of body weight back into a boat, if she ever ends up in the water. I’ve also found while wearing the vest, her confidence in the water has increased.”

The EzyDog DFD Life Vest is perfect for new swimmers, older swimmers, large swimmers and small swimmers – there’s a fit for all. Made from ultra-buoyancy foam, a grab handle and super-strong nylon D-buckles, it’s a quality made product for all four-legged water babies.

Secondary product featured: The ChuckIt Ziplight Med Flyer is one of Mya’s favourite water toys! It’s made for the water and can float, as well as fly.

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Product Pick: Beco Travel Bowl

“This collapsible bowl makes it easy to keep Mya hydrated when we are out and about on adventures. It packs away easily in one of our bags, or the car, and I love that it’s 100% recyclable too.”

The Beco Travel Bowl is an essential when you’re on any dog travel adventure, especially an active one, like a hike. It’s made from durable, non-toxic silicone and is collapsible, saving much space in your bag. So you can forget carrying around a regular bowl if you’ve already got a whole lot of travel gear in tow.

Product Pick: NexGard Spectra Chewables

“While summer is the perfect season of fun, it’s also the high time for ticks. I like knowing that with just one chewable tablet (that Mya actually enjoys) she is protected from fleas, ticks, heartworms and worms.”

NexGard Spectra protects your furry adventurer from three types of ticks, rapidly kills off fleas, treats all worms and prevents heartworm disease. It’s the full package when it comes to protection for your dog. While not an obvious travel product, it’s super handy to have with you to ensure your dog is safe in all environments. Plus, it’s a tastier option for fussy dogs.

Feeling ready for your next travel adventure with your pooch? These are only five products on Mark and Mya’s travel list. Depending on your pooch’s characteristics, you may find there are other additional items you need to help you and your dog travel safely, efficiently and without anxiety. Just remember that car travel, or any other form of travel, isn’t always inherently enjoyable to all.

If you need help finding the right products for your dog, speak to your local PETstock team member in-store

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Mark and Maya

Mark and his purebred Shepard, Mya, are best friends and big-time adventurers. They have been travelling around the US, Canada, and Australia since 2017. You can follow their journey on Mark’s blog and Instagram

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