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February 2024

Understanding Dog Sizing Charts: How to Fit Clothing


Finding the perfect dog coat, jacket or knit goes beyond the look and feel: making sure your dog's new attire fits perfectly is also important. Like for human clothing, it can be tricky to navigate sizing charts without the right instructions and guidance – but that's what we're here for! We’ve put together some quick tips on measuring your dog and included some handy dog sizing considerations and our brand-specific size guides from our Winter 2023 range.

How To Measure Your Dog for Clothing

Like human clothing, when you’re searching online and in-store you’ll find a whole lot of different sizing charts for various clothing brands – and they don’t always match up when it comes to the categories of small, medium or large, and everything in between. It’s a bit confusing, but you can always fall back to more standardised measurements to ensure you don’t get it wrong. For dogs, it’s the same principles, but for most brands, the standard sizing guidelines look at the same key measurements.

Stick to the Measurements You Know

As mentioned above, dog coat brands will have their own sizing guides, and they may slightly differ with some unique measurement suggestions. Below, are some of the selections you may come across and that you will need to think about before purchase (especially if you’re browsing various online stores, including overseas brands):

  • Centimetres and inches: Australian vs US measurements.
  • Kilograms and pounds: Australian vs US measurements.
  • Breed: this will sometimes be a point of comparison provided by brand sizing charts or guidelines or be in the form of a handy quick selector tool.
Hot Tip

We don’t recommend choosing dog clothing based purely on breed – as this will not account for variables specific to your dog.

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The Key Measurements

Most dog jumper or coat brands will have sizing guides on physical tags or can be searched online, but they all adhere to the same standard measurements. Although, the ‘primary’ measurement below, is most commonly used across brands.

Primary Measurement

Length - Measure your dog from the base of the collar to the base of the tail for length. This will prevent the jumper or coat from only partially covering your dog’s body. This measurement is used as the indicator of size for most dog clothing and should provide the most accurate results.

Secondary measurement:

Girth - Measure the widest part of your dog’s chest, behind the front legs. This measurement will account for your dog’s weight to ensure your dog won’t be left feeling constricted when wearing the dog jumper.
Neck - Measure around your dog’s neck where the collar would naturally sit. This will ensure the neck hole of the jumper or coat will be big enough and comfortable enough for your dog.
Our Winter 2023 range does not feature these secondary measurements, only the first primary measurement.

Winter Dog Sizing Charts

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Now you’ve got the dog measurement technique top of mind, take a look at some example sizing charts from our latest Winter 2023 range as the key size indicator, but also include breed specifics to help narrow your choice further.

Ruff N Rugged Sizing Chart

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Ruff N Rugged dog coats and jackets feature in all our outdoor ranges. As seen above, the sizing within this range is categorised from extra small to large/extra-large. The incremental difference between the sizes is more flexible than some of the other brand sizing guides, with each size, including five-centimetre wiggle room.

Doggone Gorgeous Sizing Chart

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The Doggone Gorgeous brand spans a couple of categories in the Winter 2023 range. You’ll find knits, warmies, parkas and jackets. As the above dog sizing chart shows, there are size options from extra small to extra-large, with exact single measurements to indicate the appropriate size for your dog.

Wriggley Diggley Sizing Chart

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Made specifically for longer boys and girls and the proportions of sighthound breeds, the Wriggley Diggley sizing is well suited to Dachshunds, Italian greyhounds, whippets and greyhounds.

Finding the right size jacket, jumper or knit doesn’t need to difficult! Use the dog size charts and measurement techniques above to guide your decision.