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April 2023

Understanding Your Taurus Pet


You might know the ins and outs of your own star sign, but what about your pets? If your pet was born between April 20 – May 20, they fall under the Taurus sign of the Zodiac. This means they’re stubborn (one might say bullishly so!) while also being great lovers of luxury and fond of the finer things that life has to offer. Read all about your Taurus pet now!

What Being a Taurus Says About Your Dog or Cat

Taurus is a grounded earth sign, and it’s one of the more relaxed signs of the zodiac. Taureans prioritise their comfort above all else – so make no mistake your dog or cat will be expecting the tastiest food, the comfiest blankets, and the longest patting sessions, if you please! Pets born under this sign are more likely to be on the lazier side, and you’ll often find them enjoying a good old-fashioned nap on the softest beds in the house (likely yours, if they’ve got access to it!).

While they enjoy their creature comforts, Taurus pets are still in touch with the earth element of their sign and will enjoy a long walk – they’re more partial to slow and steady (with plenty of sniffing!) exercise rather than long-distance runs.

Taurus Pet Strengths

  • Easy-going – based on their stars, Taurus pets should make for a cheerful, friendly addition to the family!
  • Task-orientated and patient – Taurus pets should enjoy training sessions, particularly if they’re rewarded with their favourite treats (premium quality, of course!)
  • Laid-back – while all animals need their daily stimulation, your Taurus pet will enjoy hours of lazing about in exquisite comfort.

Taurus Pet Likes

  • New stuff (did we mention Taureans are materialistic?) – nothing will make your Taurus pet more chuffed than you returning home with a bag full of goodies. New toys and treats? Yes please!
  • Quality time – don’t be fooled, just because they love stuff that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Quite the opposite – Taurus pets are highly social and want to be around you. Ever heard of love languages? Taureans rate quality time highly (…they don’t say no to ‘gift giving’ either…refer to above point!)
  • Food – particularly the good stuff.

Taurus Pet Dislikes

  • Unpredictability (did you change up the routine? Yeah, not cool) – Taurus pets like to keep to schedule and spontaneity throws them off.
  • Mess – you better keep a tidy home. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and as such they like things to be aesthetic and beautiful. Your pile of smelly clothes on the floor just will not do.
  • Time alone – homebodies at heart, Taureans are happiest when they’re relaxing with you! They’re not thrilled if you leave them home alone for hours on end.

Shop Their Stars! - Products for Your Taurus Pet

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Now you know what makes them tick, here are the perfect upgrades for your comfort-driven pets.

Taurus Treats for Pets

Being an earth sign, Taurus pet favour practical and reliable treats. We recommend tasty beef treats for your Taurus dogs and cats.

Taurus Bedding for Pets

Taureans love the luxury life! Get them bedding that suits their comfort-loving selves. We love this faux-fur rug-style bed for dogs and this cosy cocoon bed for cats.

Taurus Apparel for Pets

Taurus dogs should prepare for the chilly winter ahead – with the upmost style. We suggest our lovely comfy jackets with fleece lining. Taurus is associated with the colour green, so if you cat is due for an upgrade why not try our bottle green cat collar.

Taurus Toys for Pets

Taurus dogs like to hang back and chill out – why not give them a treat-dispensing toy so they can indulge in comfort. Don’t forget to fill it with their favourite treats!

For cats, try our treat-dispensing windmill.


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