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February 2024

What Do Birds Eat? Tips for Feeding Your Bird

Health & Nutrition

There are many different bird seeds and pellets available that suit particular species of birds. Below is a guide to small a variety of birds and their main dietary requirements. Your local PETstock team can help you find a variety of food suitable for your bird’s breed.

So What Should You Feed Your Bird?

Budgie Budgie Seed
Canary Canary Seed or Finch Seed
Cockatiel Cockatiel Seed or Small Parrot
Love Bird Small Parrot Seed
Galah Parrot Seed or Wild Bird Seed or Parrot Pellets
Lorikeet Lorikeet Wet Diet or Lorikeet Dry Diet

Many birds eat the inside of seeds and leave the shells in their food container, which can give the appearance that their container is full when in fact it is only full of leftovers! Change your bird’s seed daily to ensure it is always fresh.

Research your bird’s particular species to find out which fruits and vegetables will best suit your feathered family member.

Note that many birds do not react well to lettuce due to its high water content. Also be aware that avocado is toxic to many birds, so avoid this.

Ensure you provide your bird with cuttlefish at all times. This is a great source of calcium and will help keep your bird happy and healthy. It can also be gnawed at for quite a while and will help keep their beak in good condition.

Shell grit is also essential to your bird’s diet as it assists in breaking down bird seed in the gut. Shell grit is literally crushed up shells, so is also high in calcium.

Ensure you change your bird’s water daily as they are messy eaters and dirty their water very quickly. This will also reduce the amount of algae that will grow in their water dish. You may also like to add an Avian vitamin supplement to keep your bird in tip top shape.


Just like a puppy, your bird will love to be treated on a regular basis. There many different bird treats available like seed cones and fruit bars. Millet spray is a very popular choice for finches and canaries.

Hot Tip

Limit the amount of sunflower seeds you give to your buddy. While you’ll notice your bird (mainly small parrots and larger) absolutely loves eating them, they are high in fat. They will keep your bird full, however he will most likely choose these over any other food he has access to, which can lead to health issues.