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February 2024

Why do Pets Scoot? What Dragging their Bum Across the Ground Really Means

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Why Does My Pet Drag Their Bum on The Ground?

Here’s what it is and how to help…

Worms almost always get the blame for this one. But in this case, they’re almost certainly innocent. That’s because the cause of that bum dragging (or ‘scooting’ as we call it when we’re being professional) are actually two rather ominously named objects: the anal glands!

Why do Dogs Sniff Each Other’s Bums?

Did you know? When your little mate sniffs another dog’s backside, they’re actually checking out their anal glands. That’s because they contain a scent unique to your dog.

And while the AG’s might only be small, they’re a huge cause of frustration for the furry family. That’s because these two grape-sized glands that sit just inside their bottom often become blocked. And when they become blocked, they become intensely itchy and painful.

In fact, if you ever notice your dog or cat suddenly stop in their tracks and turn around to lick ‘that’ area, chances are a blockage in these glands is to blame. So, it makes sense that the ultimate itch they can’t scratch is only relieved when they drag their backside across the lawn, the concrete, or your finest white Moroccan wool rug. Honestly, the rougher the surface the better. They’re looking for relief…and quickly!

How to Stop my Dog from Dragging their Bum Across the Floor?

So how can you help?

Well obviously, stopping the old AG’s from blocking in the first place is ideal. These are scent glands that are meant to empty each time they do their business. Yet, if that stool isn’t firm enough to squeeze the glands on the way out, the glands continue to fill up and become itchy.

So, ensuring they have enough fibre in their diet is vitally important. One of the many jobs of the green banana flour in my In-Betweeners treats is to manage this very problem. The fact that there are also prebiotics also helps with that all important stool health…

If the problem keeps on happening, have your vet check your buddy for allergies and even anal gland infections. Both are treatable with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics but ensuring the glands empty regularly is the key to those AG’s staying in OG condition. Otherwise, life can be a drag…

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Dr Chris Brown

Dr Chris Brown is an Australian Vet, television presenter and author. Best known for his television series Bondi Vet, he is also the founder of Drool – a company which champions quality ingredients and hand-picked supplements for healthy pet treats

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