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Adult Dog

Adult Dog

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Adult Dog

Put your dog's health and happiness first with Petstock. We stock an array of premium dog food brands like Royal Canin dog food, Black Hawk dog food, Ivory Coat dog food, Advance dog food and Ziwi Peak dog food. Whether your dog prefers dry food or has specific dietary needs and requires grain-free dog food options like Prime 100 dog food, there's something for every dog at Petstock.

Nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to caring for your adult dog. The size and breed of your dog plays a pivotal role in their dietary needs. Small dog breeds have different requirements than big dog breeds – who may benefit from food that prioritises joint health and the smartest dog breeds might benefit from nutrient-rich options that support cognitive health.

But it's not all about food; your dog's overall well-being also depends on proper grooming. Petstock grooming is here to help, with a team of experts on hand to tame the tresses of every pet – from fluffy dog breeds to dogs with wire hair, double coats, and curly coats.

Training is also important. We have a wide variety of dog togs available for enrichment and mental stimulation. From indestructible dog toys for dogs that like to chew, to dog puzzle toys and Kong dog toys there’s plenty to keep your dog occupied at Petstock.

FAQs for Adult Dogs

How often should you wash your dog?

How often you should wash your dog depends on a variety of factors. For example, fluffy dog breeds will require more extensive grooming than shorthaired breeds like sausage dogs. Poodle cross breeds such as the cavoodle, groodle, labradoodle and bordoodle require grooming every six weeks or so. Consult the petstock grooming team for help with your dog’s grooming requirements and they can provide more expertise on dog hair care.

How much does it cost to de-sex a dog?

How much to de-sex a dog can depend on a variety of factors, for example the cost to desex a female dog will not be the same as the cost to desex a male dog. The size of your dog also factors into the cost. Visit your nearest Petstock Vet for a tailored response for your dog.

How to stop dog barking at night?

To stop a dog from barking at night, ensure they have a comfortable dog bed and are well-exercised. Take your dog for a walk in leash-free areas, or use a dog harness and go for a run with your dog.

How to stop dog peeing inside?

Dog toilet training is important to stop your dog from peeing inside. Before you start looking for ‘dog training near me’, try this training method. Establish a regular bathroom routine with your dog where you take them outside and instruct them to go potty. Do it several times a day to avoid accidents. Dog training must be consistent and regular to train new behaviour.