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Fish Algae Control

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Fish Algae Control

Do you feel a sinking sensation when green or brown-coloured algae creeps across the fish tank? You’re not alone. Harmless algae is a snack for algae-eating creatures. But overgrowth of harmful algae is bad news for fish and plants – it depletes oxygen, release toxins and is tough to remove. Algae needs water, nutrients and light to grow. Overgrowth occurs when there are long gaps between water changes, fish are overfed, or aquariums stand in direct sunlight. Browse PETstock for effective fish tank algae control products to treat and balance water, then prevent regrowth. Blue Planet Algae Cure contains active ingredients to prevent the development of algae in fish tanks. It’s available as a liquid or gradual release block that dissolves over 1-2 weeks. API Algaefix attacks tough species like greenwater algal bloom and helps suppress growth on glass, ornaments and plants to reduce aquarium maintenance. Always identify algae before treatment.