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Fish Tank Artificial Plants

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Fish Tank Artificial Plants
Transform your aquarium into a mermaid grotto, hidden cave or even Davy Jones’ Locker! Fish tank ornaments form the framework for a setting but plants are the heroes that create the bigger picture. Fish tank artificial plants provide a lush, layered background to perfectly show off your fish – and give them a haven to explore. When you aquascape a fish tank, artificial plants offer many advantages. Aqua One products are made from long-lasting, non-toxic materials such as plastic, silk and silicon. You’ll find an eclectic mix of styles, shapes, textures, plus realistic and vibrant colours to complement your theme. Explore ornamental plants, grasses, flowers, glow-in-the-dark seagrass, sea snails, anemones and corals. Weighted bases make them easy to “plant” or rearrange for a fresh look. There’s no risk of introducing parasites, no pruning and no unsightly plant debris affecting the water quality. That should make you smile!