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Automatic Dog Feeders & Waterers

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Automatic Dog Feeders & Waterers
Do you like to see a fed, hydrated and happy dog when you arrive home? Automatic dog feeders and waterers give your pet access to the right amounts of food and water while you are away. Browse our range of automatic dog feeders and waterers to ensure your pooch never goes hungry or thirsty again! Smart feeders allow you to automatically dispense set levels of food, at specified intervals, via an app on your mobile phone. Some feature cameras, so you can interact with your pet via live video feed. Speak to them via microphone and monitor them at night via LED lighting. Program mealtimes via LCD digital display, or try a gravity dog feeder with a simple but effective mechanism. Choose a gravity waterer, a pet fountain with replaceable filters, or a smart fountain with UV light filtration that allows you to control water flow and circulation.