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Bird Cages
PETstock bird cages come in every size and configuration from the basic budgie cage up to extra-large parrot palace! Before you choose a cage, you’ll need to decide whether your bird will be allowed out for exercise. If your bird will be free to roam, you can probably get away with a smaller cage. If not, get the biggest cage you can manage, so your bird can fly and exercise inside the cage. When it comes to exercising, the width of the cage is more important than the height to give your bird a chance to stretch its wings. Petstock offers a variety of bird cage shapes and styles from leading brands, including Avi One and A&E. Choose from cages on stands, free-standing cages, chic Victorian designs, coloured cages, multi-storey cages, and cages with open tops for easy exit when it's time to fly! Also check the Chicken Coops ranges!