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Bird Nesting

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Bird Nesting
If you want to encourage your pet birds to breed, you’ll need to provide the right nesting conditions! PETstock’s range of bird nesting boxes and pouches are tailor-made for a variety of breeds, including finches, cockatiels, parrots, and budgies. Most bird nesting boxes can be attached directly to the bars of the cage, and can be easily lined with soft natural bedding material to keep the chicks safe and warm. Natural bird nesting mixes include dried grass, coconut fibre and cotton. Boxes with hinged lids provide easy access for monitoring of the eggs and chicks, and are also easy to clean. Other options are bird beds – also known as budgie snugglers – and hooded pouches and nests made from natural materials. The choice of nesting box or pouch depends on the needs of each species.