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Cat Beds & Bedding

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Cat Beds & Bedding

Cat owners know their pets can be picky - with distinct preferences for particular types of food and litter. The same holds true when it comes to cat beds. Different cats have preferences for different types of beds, and the bed that was their favourite yesterday might not be today - just to challenge you further! Some like a traditional basket-style cat bed or window bed that is cosy, but still enables them to see what’s going on. Others prefer to bury themselves in the bottom of a sleeping bag style or the igloo cat bed. Our huge range of cat bedding means that you’ll be able to find an option to suit the fussiest feline, and cater for them changing their mind about which one is the bed of the day! We stock a range of quality cat bedding and cute cat beds from top brands, including Lexi & Me, Buddy & Belle, T&S, Snooza and more..


Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats need cat beds?

Cat beds are essential for your feline friends as they provide comfort, warmth, and support for better sleep and relaxation. Having a designated bed reduces stress and anxiety, protects furniture, and promotes hygiene and health through easy cleaning. For senior cats, the padded surface offers joint support, making it a valuable addition to any cat-friendly home. Consider your cat's preferences and needs when choosing a cat bed, ensuring they have a cozy retreat they'll love, closed in beds like igloos can provide an extra level of privacy and comfort for your cat..

How do I get my cat to sleep in his bed?

To encourage your cat to sleep in his bed, choose a cozy bed that suits his preferences and place it in a quiet, familiar location. Cat igloo beds are great for this, offering cats a secure and private space, simulating a natural den-like environment. Be patient and avoid forcing your cat into the bed, ensuring it's always clean and comfortable. Use positive reinforcement with treats and toys, and add familiar scents to make the bed inviting. Consider catnip or changing the bed's placement if needed. With time, your feline friend may grow to love his bed as a comfortable and secure sleeping spot.

How do I clean a cat bed?

Cleaning a cat bed is a simple process that involves removing any loose fur and debris by shaking or vacuuming the bed. Check the care label for specific instructions on washing, as some beds are machine washable while others may require hand washing. If machine washable, use a gentle cycle with mild detergent, and air dry the bed to prevent damage. For non-machine washable beds, spot clean with a pet-safe cleaner and allow it to air dry completely. Regular cleaning not only maintains hygiene but also ensures your cat has a fresh and comfortable place to rest. Petstock stock a full range of cat cleaning products, including specially formulated urine remover which you can check out here

What are the best beds for cats?

The best beds for cats are those that prioritise comfort, support, and security. Cats often prefer beds with soft, plush cushions and raised edges that create a cozy nest-like feeling. Cat igloo beds, bolster beds, and doughnut-shaped beds are popular choices. Other types of cat beds include: orthopaedic beds, window perch beds, hammocks, and heated beds. Look for beds made from high-quality and non-toxic materials. The best bed for your cat will depend on their size, sleeping habits, and personal preferences, so consider their needs when choosing the perfect bed to provide a comfortable and inviting resting place. Check out this guide to see which bed is suitable for your cat.