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Cat Harnesses

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Cat Harnesses
Training a cat to walk on a lead allows you an extra measure of security if you have to take your cat out of the house, even if they are travelling in a carrier. And for the truly adventurous feline, it offers the opportunity to get out and about for a walk! If you begin early and you are patient, almost any cat can be trained to walk on a lead. However, it's important to be guided by your cat's attitude, as not all cats will enjoy it! If you are planning to walk your cat, you must use a cat harness rather than just attaching a lead to their everyday collar. A cat can slip out of a collar, but a cat harness will keep them safe and secure. At PETstock, we offer durable and comfortable Catspia and Rogz Alleycat cat harnesses in a few different sizes so you can get started.