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Cat Shampoo & Conditioners

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Cat Shampoo & Conditioners
Most cats dislike being bathed! But sometimes it might be necessary if they have gotten into something they can't lick off themselves. If this happens, you'll need to use a specially formulated cat shampoo and conditioner. Don’t be tempted to use your own shampoo, as products made for humans can irritate your cat’s skin. At PETstock, we offer a range of quality cat shampoos and cat conditioners. Aristopet has several products, including a dry shampoo for cats - no water is a win-win for you and your pet! Pet Head Felin’ offers spray and mousse products that are easily applied, and don’t require rinsing either. For those occasions when your cat might have ventured under a car and acquired a dressing of motor oil, and you have no choice but to resort to water and cat shampoo, Pet Head Felin’ has that too!