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As the name suggests, Catit manufactures quality products for the cat, ranging from the eminently practical – cat bowls – to the playful and frankly luxurious, such as the Catit Self Groomer. Playtime is any time with toys like the Catit fireball and the Catit Super Circuit, which offers hours of fun for kittens and cats that are young at heart as they track a motion-activated illuminated ball that zips around a track. Outdoor cats nibble on grass to aid their digestion, and you can grow grass for indoor cats with a Catit Senses Grass Planter. The Catit water fountain has a large reservoir, a filter and three flow settings to suit your cat. And if your cat is stacking on the kilograms, consider a Catit Food Tree, a slow-feeding solution that makes your pet work for its food, keeping it entertained at the same time!