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Premium Cat Litter

Care for your kitty and the environment with CATMATE eco-friendly wood pellet litter. This 100% biodegradable, highly absorbent litter is made from sustainably-sourced plantation pine diverted from landfill. Best of all? Natural oils inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes the unpleasant ammonia smell of cat urine. Both you and your cat will also appreciate this safe and effective litter for its low tracking qualities. CATMATE is made by the Proviro Group, which has been supplying quality eco-friendly pet products for more than a decade. CATMATE is a proud corporate supporter and preferred supplier of kitty litter to the RSPCA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Catmate made?

Catmate is proudly manufactured in Moolap, Victoria.

What is Catmate premium cat litter made from?

Catmate is made out of eco-friendly wood pellets that are sustainably sourced, and contain natural oils that prevent the unpleasant ammonia smell from leaving your litter box.

How do I dispose of Catmate cat litter?

Catmate is not advertised as a flushable litter, and it is not recommended to flush soiled litter down the toilet. Not only can this disposable method clog your drain pipes, but can also introduce parasites in waterways, which can harm fish and Australian wildlife. Instead, bag the solid waste in a biodegradable bag and place into the bin. Compost the Catmate litter that hasn’t been soiled, ensuring you keep it away from edible gardens.