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Catnip Cat Toys

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Catnip Cat Toys
In many ways, the domestic cat is very close to its wild origins. For example, most of what you see as play is actually instinctive hunting behaviour. Left to their own devices, cats will create ‘prey’ from anything they find - rolled up socks, balls of yarn, and other household items. By offering them a range of cat toys, you can help keep them stimulated, without losing your possessions! Adding catnip to the toys is thought to target ‘happy’ receptors in their brain, increasing their pleasure in playing. At PETstock, you’ll find a whole range of catnip toys for your pet to enjoy, from brands including Kong, Bliss, Trouble & Trix, GIGWI and more. Choose from refillable catnip mice and rabbits, catnip balls, dental toys with catnip and catnip toys with feather and fabric teasers.