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Chicken Health Care

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Chicken Health Care

The main risks to chicken health are parasites, internal and external. PETstock takes care of both, with a range of worming syrups and pest powders. Simply add chicken wormers to their drinking water. If your hens are scratching or you notice ugly scaly patches on their legs, dust them with a mice and lice powder. You’ll also need to disinfect the chook house and nesting boxes and remove all nesting material. Don’t compost it, as it will be full of mites and eggs. Hose the inside of the coop and scrub nesting boxes and perches with a specialist cleaning product. When dry, dust all surfaces with the Pestene Mite Powder or Ozz Organics Diatomaceous Earth for optimum chicken health and wellbeing. Replenish with fresh clean straw before you let your chickens back home!