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Exercising an energetic dog, especially a large one, can be quite a task. Chuckit’s range of exercise aids makes exercise fun for dogs and their people! The Chuckit! Launcher will send the Chuckit! rubber ball flying twice as far and fast as the human arm can throw it. If your dog is a drooler there’s the double benefit that you don’t have to handle the ball. The brightly coloured Chuckit Stick can be thrown on land or into water. Use the Chuckit! Rope Fetch to play fetch or tug-o-war. And for a game that will have you and your dog in fits of laughter, try the Chuckit! Erratic Ball. The unpredictable bounce makes this one a real challenge. Chuckit! toys are soft rubber, so they’re gentle on your dog’s mouth and easy to clean.