Dog grooming is about more than looking good – it’s a vital part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. If they enjoy home pampering or need a tidy up between professional sessions, browse PETstock’s selection of easy-to-use dog grooming tools. Overgrown nails can be painful if they grow into the paw pads or cause discomfort when your pet walks. Keep them neatly trimmed with dog grooming nail clippers from brands such as DGG and Shear Magic. Super sharp stainless steel blades help you cut nails cleanly and efficiently. Check for models with non-slip, easy-grip handles and safety locks. Manage your friend’s fur with dog grooming electric clippers. Consider lightweight designs, easy-grip handles, attachment combs, adjustable blades or quiet motors. PETstock also carries dog grooming scissors, nail grinders, grooming gloves, Yours Droolly Styptic Powder to stop minor bleeding from grooming, and soothing balms for dry or damaged noses and paws.
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