When it comes to dog clothing, things have a come a long way! Gone are the days when the most a pooch could expect was a scratchy coat to keep the cold away. Today’s pampered pooches can enjoy a world of luxurious, designer fashion – a wonderful blend of style and practicality. An enormous range of shirts, jumpers and coats is available, to suit the most discerning dog. Step-through body suits come in chunky wool, puffer, polar fleece, and Sherpa snugs, featuring dazzling designs – stripes, bobbles, Fair Isle, and pastels. Some dog clothing has cheeky logos and fake fur. Even the traditional pop-on coats now come in many colours and designs. Add a smart bandana or bow tie for good measure, not forgetting a snuggly snood to keep out winter chills. Thunder shirts are available to help anxious dogs get through storms and stressful events. We even stock doggie diapers to prevent accidents!
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