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Dog Crates & Carriers
When your dog needs to travel, our flexible range of dog carriers and crates can help. We stock models designed to keep your dog comfortable and safe whether going to the vet, boarding a plane, or travelling cross-country in the car. The classic airline carrier comes in different sizes, to suit many different breeds. Perfect for air travel, these sturdy carriers are made from tough plastic, with wire door and carrying handle. If you’re looking for more comfortable carriers, suitable for shorter journeys, consider one of the softer, foldable designs. Some come with a shoulder strap, for easy transport. If your dog is crate friendly, you’ve come to the right place! Our range includes collapsible crates, which are lightweight and water resistant. We also feature classic wire dog crates with sliding front and side door, double side bolts and rubber feet. Buy an optional polyester cover for security and comfort.