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Dog Digestive Aid

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150g dog digestive aid
Dog Digestive Aid

Good digestive health is essential for your pet’s overall wellbeing. Stomach upsets, food sensitivities, illness and needs at different life stages can take their toll. Help support your pooch with PETstock’s dog digestive aid range. Brands such as Paw, BIG DOG, HOUNDZTOOTH, Natural Animal Solutions and Field Day produce probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and other supplements. Ingredients such as goat milk powder, colostrum, spirulina, flax seed, green banana powder, Manuka honey, kelp and green tea promote beneficial gut bacteria, and improve digestive and immune system function. Field Day The Balancing Act with Australian hemp fibre powder and prebiotics promotes a healthy microbiome, immunity and general health. Paw Digesticare contains a multi-strain probiotic powder and fermented wholefood powder. Lovebites Synbiotic Meal Topper aids digestive and immune health by restoring the natural balance of gut flora. BIG DOG probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme formula has 20 billion good bacteria per 5g serve.