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Dog Food Toppers, Bone Broth & Gravy

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Dog Food Toppers, Bone Broth & Gravy

Explore our exceptional collection of Dog Food Toppers, Bone Broth, and Dog Gravy, available in air-dried, freeze-dried, and grain-free options. Our range is specially formulated to address various health concerns, including joint health and skin and coat care, featuring renowned brands such as ZiwiPeak, Earthz Pet, K9 Natural, and Blackdog. Crafted with high-quality ingredients in Australia, these toppers are suitable for dogs of all sizes—from toy to large breeds. Enhance your pet’s diet with our nutritious and delicious additions for healthier, happier dogs!


Dog Meal Topper Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of adding dog food toppers to my pet's diet?

Dog food toppers like Bone Broth and Gravy enhance flavour and palatability, encouraging better eating habits and meal enjoyment. They can also provide additional nutrients, support hydration, and help manage dietary concerns such as sensitivities to certain ingredients.

How often can I feed my dog these food toppers?

Dog food toppers are designed to be added to your dog’s regular meals. You can use them daily or as an occasional treat to supplement your dog's diet. Ensure to balance their overall daily dietary intake and consult with your vet if you're unsure.

Can dog food toppers help if my dog is a fussy eater?

Yes, dog food toppers like gravies are excellent for enticing fussy eaters. The enhanced flavours and aromas make regular meals more appetizing and enjoyable, which can help encourage dogs who might otherwise be reluctant to eat their meals. Offering a variety of toppers such as air-dried and freeze-dried options can also keep mealtime exciting and appealing for your dog.

Can dog food toppers be fed as a complete diet?

While some dog food toppers, such as those from ZiwiPeak, are formulated to provide complete nutrition and can be used as a standalone meal, others are intended to complement your dog's main diet. It's essential to read the product labels and verify whether a topper is suitable as a full meal replacement or if it's primarily designed to enhance nutritional value and taste. Always double-check with your specific brand to ensure you’re meeting your pet’s dietary needs.