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Dog ID Tags

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Dog ID Tags
Dog tags play a vital role in helping you track down and identify your beloved pet should they go missing. Dogs can go astray for many reasons. Some wander and find themselves lost, others get separated from you on a walk, or bolt from the backyard during a thunderstorm. A distinctive dog ID tag on the collar, stating the dog’s name and your contact details, can pave the way for you and your pet to be quickly reunited. The dog tags featured on PETstock can be engraved with your chosen details, providing a customised lost-and-found aid should the dog go missing. They look great too! Choose from many models and designs, including bones, crowns, pawprints, hearts and plain chrome. There's a dog tag to suit every pooch. Why not explore the options?

Tags are engraved and personalised in-store and engraving is free when you purchase any pet ID tag from a Petstock store.