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Dog Lick Mats

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Dog Lick Mats

Our textured lick mats are designed to hold delicious dog treats such as peanut butter, yoghurt and minced meat. Say goodbye to boredom and anxiety as your pup engages with our innovative feeding solutions. Explore our selection of safe and durable interactive dog toysanti gulp & slow feeder dog bowls, designed for dogs of all breeds and sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a dog's lick mat?

There are various types of lick mats available, made from different materials. The most popular types of lick mats are made from silicone, fabric, rubber, and plastic. Each type of lick mat has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to research which type is best for your pup. To use the lick mat: Spread a dog-friendly food or treat on the mat's surface. You can use peanut butter, natural yogurt, minced meat, frozen fruits, or any other suitable dog treat including honey. Show the lick mat to your dog and let them sniff it to get familiar with it. Some dogs might immediately start licking, while others may need a little encouragement. You can also encourage your dog to lick the mat by using favorable treats or a favorite toy. Lay the lick mat on the floor or attach it to a smooth surface such as a wall or a window. Some lick mats have suction cups that attach to surfaces. Try to avoid placing the lick mat on an uneven surface. While using the lick mat, it's essential to supervise your dog to ensure they don't chew or swallow the mat to prevent choking hazards. Lick mats are meant for licking and not chewing. After your dog is done licking, clean the lick mat thoroughly. Most lick mats are dishwasher-safe, or you can wash them in warm soapy water. Allow the mat to air dry before using it again, and regularly clean the mat between uses to prevent any build-up of dirt and saliva.

What to put on a dog's lick mat?

You can put various dog-friendly treats on a lick mat. Some options include: Peanut butter: A very popular treat for dogs and can be even more exciting when frozen and spread on a lick mat. Natural yogurt: A tantalizing option for a lick mat. Its cool and smooth texture confuses dogs, making them savor each lick. Minced meat (raw or cooked): Offers savory satisfaction to dogs. Frozen fruits such as banana or mixed berries: Provides a refreshing indulgence for dogs. Honey (used sparingly as a sweetener): Creates a tantalizing delight for dogs. Please remember to consider your dog's allergies when deciding what to put on their lick mat.