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Dog Stress & Anxiety Care

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Dog Stress & Anxiety Care

Some dogs enjoy sharing new experiences with their humans, while others feel unsettled. Unfamiliar faces and routines, more time alone, car travel or loud noises may threaten their comfortable world. Learn to recognise when your buddy needs extra care. PETstock carries a range of dog anxiety medications to support overall wellbeing and relaxation, without harmful side effects. Convenient tablets, calming treats, chews, nutritional pastes, and sprays contain active ingredients such as tryptophan, B-group vitamins, chamomile, flaxseed, and valerian root. Consider fast-acting, non-drowsy or natural dog anxiety medication options from Vetalogica, Vetsense, ZamiPet and more. Innovative ADAPTIL products release a synthetic version of the canine appeasing pheromone that mothers naturally release to calm their litter. Scientifically proven to help create a calm environment, this odourless scent doesn’t affect other pets or humans. Browse ADAPTIL calm collars, plug-in diffusers, and travel sprays.