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Dog Treat Pouches & Travel Bags

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Dog Treat Pouches & Travel Bags

Welcome to your one-stop shop for dog treat pouches and walking belts, an essential accessory for any dog owner. Whether you're training a new puppy with their favourite dog treats, embarking on a leisurely walk, or simply treating your loyal companion, our carefully curated selection of pouches from trusted brands such as DOOG and Buddy & Belle make the experience seamless. Not only do these pouches offer functionality, they also promise durability and style, ensuring no compromises. For added convenience, many of our travel bags are designed to comfortably hold dog poop bags, keeping everything you need within easy reach during your outings.


Why do I need a dog treat pouch?
A dog treat pouch allows you to carry treats easily and conveniently when you're on the go with your dog. It's handy during training sessions, as quick access to rewards can help reinforce positive behaviour.

What should I look for in a dog treat pouch?
Look for a pouch with easy access, an excellent seal to keep treats fresh, a robust design to withstand daily use, and a convenient way to carry it (such as a clip or strap). It's also helpful if it's easy to clean.

Can I use a dog treat pouch for things other than treats?
Absolutely! While the primary purpose is holding treats, many dog owners use these pouches for other essentials such as phones, waste bags, keys, or even a small water bottle.

Are these pouches machine washable?
Many of our dog treat pouches are machine-washable. For those that aren't, they often have a removable inner lining that can be easily cleaned. Always check the specific product details or the label for cleaning instructions.