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Dog Urine, Stain & Odour Remover Products

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Dog Urine, Stain & Odour Remover Products
No matter how carefully you train your dog, there will always be accidents and those distinctive doggie smells left around the house. Fortunately, a range of products is available to help you deal with unsightly stains and lingering, unwanted pet odours. This ensures you always have a home that looks good and smells fresh! Dog stain remover is useful to help you get rid of stains left behind from doggie accidents. Dog odour remover can wipe away the most unpleasant smell, replacing it with the fragrance of lavender or lemon. These days, several advanced formulas come as two-in-one products, tackling stains and smells at the same time. Other products are available to help stop accidents from happening in the first place. These repellent sprays prevent dogs from urinating or marking in certain spots, redirecting them to a special pet loo or toilet training pad fitted with their own odour control.