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Dog Vitamins & Supplements

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Dog Vitamins & Supplements
Irritated or dry eyes, waxy, itchy, or smelly ears, painful infections… your pooch is vulnerable to numerous eye and ear problems. Nurture their health with a regular care routine. Dirt, debris, and water can irritate eyes, so dog eye care formulations are designed to clean, lubricate, and soothe. Developed by Australian naturopaths, daily tear stain removers contain gentle ingredients such as aloe vera and Vitamin E, without cortisone or antibiotics. Ear infections occur when wax, debris and moisture in the ear canal create ideal conditions for yeast infections and bacteria to thrive. Without treatment, discomfort can develop into serious infection causing balance problems or even deafness. Try alcohol-free antimicrobial ear and skin cleansers, or ear canker and mite products with antifungal and anti-parasite agents. We stock brands such as Paw, Fido’s, Virbac and Aristopet.