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Premium Dog Food

With 50 years of experience in nutritional science, Eukanuba are renowned for their groundbreaking wet and dry dog food formulas suitable for canines of all life stages. With every recipe, Eukanuba harnesses the power of nutritional science to help unleash your furry friend’s full potential. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Eukanuba premium dog food made?

Eukanuba premium dog food is proudly manufactured in Bathurst, Australia and the USA.

What makes Eukanuba different from other dog foods?

Eukanuba have dedicated themselves to enhancing the lives of healthy, active dogs.Their recipes support canine athletes and active dogs by infusing nutrients that control weight, maintain healthy skin and coat, and support digestion. Eukanuba formulas now also include prebiotic fibres that fosters healthy digestion, and antioxidants for immune system support.

How can I transition my dog to eat Eukanuba premium dog food?

To wean your puppy or adult dog onto Eukanuba for the first time, try sprinkling some onto their regular food, increasing the amount over time. Eukanuba recommends a 7-day feeding integration to ensure a seamless transition onto the new diet. 

How much Eukanuba premium dry dog food should I feed my dog?

To feed as a complete and balanced meal, please follow the feeding guide suggested on the packaging. Please use this a feeding guide only, and adjust quantities based on your dog's individual needs, weight, and activity level.