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Ferrets make good pets because they’re sociable and love to play. You’ll know when your pet ferret is happy because they will do a special dance! PETstock has everything you need to house and feed ferrets. Like cats, they are obligate carnivores, so they need to eat meat every day. Special ferret food is available but you can also feed them a good quality cat food. Ferrets have been used for centuries to hunt small animals so keep them away from pet rabbits and rats! They will live happily in a cage or hutch as long as there is space to play. You can train ferrets to use a small litter tray in the corner of the cage. They need to be vaccinated and you’ll also need to worm them regularly and give them a flea treatment if they start scratching. You can find a range of ferret care products on PEtstock, from brands including Vetafarm, Aristopet and Peters.