Fetch and throw dog toys are a great way to exercise and stimulate your dog. They’re many a dog’s favourite too - it means dog-owner bonding time AND satisfying those chasing instincts! When it comes to fetch and throw dog toys, the PETstock range includes all kinds and sizes to guarantee finding a favourite. We stock normal tennis balls, squeaker balls, and textured rubber balls with a hole for stuffing treats. We also stock special tennis balls that are tough high-bounce and high-grip, as well as eco-friendly balls, and rubber core squeaker balls with funny plush felt coverings and googly eyes! When it comes to frisbees, there are innovative flyer frisbees as well as soft rubber flying frisbees which are safe for gums and floatable to boot. The fetch and throw toys stocked by us are from reputable brands including PETstock, KONG, Rogz, GIGWI and Beco Things.
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