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Fish Flakes

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Fish Flakes

Fish food flakes are often on the menu for goldfish and other surface feeders. Tasty fish flakes provide affordable complete and balanced food options for herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Beneficial ingredients like proteins, kelp, vegetables and trace elements help to support the immune system and overall wellbeing. Some recipes are designed for particular species, while others have ingredients to help enhance colour and vitality, or keep water clean. Fish flakes dissolve in water and lose nutrients quickly, so don’t overfeed your fish or you’ll end up with waste. Crisps are denser than flakes so they float for longer, dissolve more slowly and retain nutrients. They can be crushed for smaller fish. Floating pellets are also available for goldfish. PETstock carries products from Tetra, Wardley, Sera, Fluval and other labels.