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Fish Frozen Food

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Fish Frozen Food

Shrimp, bloodworms, green lipped mussels, beefheart, spinach… PETstock offers a tasty menu of fish food frozen in convenient single-serve portions. Frozen fish foods can be eaten alongside dry food to create a complete and balanced diet for your fishies. Leading brands have products suitable for herbivorous, omnivorous and carnivorous diets. Aqua One frozen fish food contains easily-digestible cubes of mixed protein, fats and minerals. Choose from community mix, beefheart or bloodworm. Aquarium Industries naturals range serves a diet based on food that fish naturally eat, with no artificial colours or preservatives. Options include daphnia, cyclops, rotifers, or tropical, cichlid, betta or discus mixes. Frozen foods must be stored and used according to instructions.