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Fish Pellets

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Fish Pellets

Fish food pellets and granules provide a complete diet to help your scaly swimmers thrive. Recipes are designed to meet the daily nutritional needs of goldfish, bettas, cichlids and other fish. They support overall health and wellbeing, and help enhance colour and vitality. PETstock carries products from brands such as Tetra, Sera, Hikari, Aqua One and API. They contain tasty proteins, trace elements and antioxidants for fish of various breeds and sizes. The menu includes ingredients such as Atlantic Herring, Norwegian Krill, shrimp, bloodworm, pea protein, kelp and spirulina. Floating fish food pellets for top feeders are highly digestible so they produce less waste and less ammonia to cloud water. Slow-sinking fish food pellets help prevent digestive problems for middle feeders that gulp air while gobbling floating food. Fast-sinking foods cater for bottom feeders. We also have Hikari baby fish food to support goldfish and koi fry growth.