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Fish Tank Heaters

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Fish Tank Heaters

Maintaining aquarium water temperature is vital for the health of your fish – sudden changes may lead to shock and disease! Keep it simple with reliable fish tank heating from PETstock. Seek advice on ideal temperatures for freshwater, tropical or marine fish. Invest in a water thermometer and consider external factors such as tank lighting, room temperature, exposure to sunlight or cool drafts. Browse fish tank heaters from brands such as Aqua One, T.F.H. or Marina Betta. Choose from traditional glass or durable polymer models for different sized tanks, with fish heating ranging from 8W to 300W. Feature options include easy-to-read displays, simple temperature adjustment, LED pilot lights, submersible options, suction cups that attach to the tank, and wide temperature ranges for a variety of fish species. Put safety first with Aqua One’s heater protector to prevent accidental burn injuries or glass breakage.