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Fish Tank Lighting

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Fish Tank Lighting

Fish tank lighting can illuminate special scenes or enhance the vibrant colours of fish and plants. Lighting can create a relaxed mood while you watch your fish play. And it has practical purposes too. Adequate fish tank lighting is required for photosynthesis of live plants, and for tasks such as aquarium cleaning and maintenance. Incandescent lights and direct sunlight can raise water temperatures, which may make your fish sick. So consider PETstock’s range of safe and effective options from Aqua One and WHAM FLURO. We carry fish lighting that parallels the wavelengths needed for photosynthesis, aquarium reflectors, energy-efficient LED lighting, slimline strips, sunlight spectrum tubes and neon tank lights. Browse low voltage products with touch switch controls, multiple lighting effects and colours, adjustable lengths to suit tanks of varied sizes. Look for products that can mimic day and night light levels in the natural environment.