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Fish Water Conditioners & Treatments

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Fish Water Conditioners & Treatments

Fish tank water conditioners are essential when you set up a new aquarium, or change the water. Tap water has chlorine or chloramines added so it’s safe for humans, but these are toxic to fish. Water conditioners neutralise these compounds so your pets can swim safely. Some fish tank water conditioners convert ammonia, nitrite, nitrate or heavy metals into non-toxic forms. Quick Start contains live nitrifying bacteria to kick start the natural aquarium cycle so your fish can dive in sooner. Stress coat helps protects them from parasites and infections, heals wounds and helps reduce stress. Consider using stress coat when handling your pets, caring for sick fish, or adding new ones to your aquarium. Test strips, clarifiers, plant supplements, conditioning salts and biological enhancers also help to create a healthy tank environment. We stock quality products from API, Seachem, Fluval, Tetra, Blue Planet and others.