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Nature has inspired Fluval’s range of high quality aquarium products. Fluval’s success story began in 1975, when it introduced the world’s first three-stage filter with synchronous motor technology. Now known for innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, Fluval creates functional and stylish products that mimic the natural world. Contemporary aquariums boast features such as cube-shaped units, curved viewing faces, and remote-controlled colour and light effects. Ornaments from SpongeBob SquarePants or The Little Mermaid add a touch of whimsy.

Keep your aquarium running smoothly with Fluval’s advanced filtration systems and durable cartridges, filters and foam pad inserts. Water treatments, conditioners and biological enhancers with beneficial bacteria help create a safe environment for your fishy friends. Fluval fish flakes and sinking pellet foods are sourced from products such as Atlantic herring and shrimp, Norwegian krill, green mussels and kelp to support overall health and enhance colour.