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Guinea Pig

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Guinea Pig

PETstock has everything you need to house, feed and care for guinea pigs, from hutches and cages to specialist food, bedding materials, health supplements, water bottles, food bowls, flea and mite sprays, wormers, grooming kits and harnesses. Nutritionally balanced guinea pig pellets and premium food mixes provide them with the essential vitamins and minerals. Guinea pigs can’t store Vitamin C so it must be part of their daily diet or given as a supplement. Oaten hay provides roughage and also promotes dental health. Ensure fresh water is available and clean food bowls and water bottles regularly to prevent the spread of disease. Hutch cleaners help to neutralise odours. Guinea pigs are prone to attack by mites, lice and fleas. Look out for excess scratching and treat the animal and hutch with a spray. They also need to be wormed regularly. Brands include Vetafarm, Aristopet, Peters and PETstock’s own home brand.