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Cat Hairball Treatments

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Cat Hairball Treatments
Hairballs can occur as a result of your cat grooming itself. That rough, rasping feeling you experience on your skin when your cat licks you is caused by little hooks on their tongue. When they groom, these hooks pull out hair from their coat, which they swallow. Usually, the hair passes easily through the gastrointestinal tract. However, with cats that groom intensely, or long-haired breeds, the hair can build up in their stomach and form a ball. A hairball can cause intestinal blockages that are potentially life threatening. In some instances, the cat will vomit up the ball. If not, there are cat hairball treatments you can try. We stock Aristopet laxative paste for cats, which has an appealing malt flavour and can be easily mixed in food for fuss-free cat hairball treatment. But don’t hesitate to see your vet if you think your cat requires professional treatment.