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Hill's Science Diet

Hill's Science Diet

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Hill's Science Diet


Premium Dog & Cat Food 

Hill’s Science Diet offers essential nutrition for dogs and cats of every age, size, breed, and need. Their formulas are biology-based, and created by a committed team of animal experts, so you can feel confident that you're feeding your pet the best diet possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do vets recommend Hill’s Science Diet?

Hill’s Science Diet are the leaders in several scientific fields and only create quality, nutritious food that your pet deserves. They are strong believers that science and biology-based nutrition is the key to providing the best care possible to your pet, which is why vets recommend their groundbreaking recipes. 

What is the difference between Hill’s Prescription Diet and Hill’s Science Diet?

Hill’s Prescription Diet range addresses specific medical conditions that can develop in dogs and cats. These include conditions associated with weight, age, and health concerns such as sensitive stomachs, hairballs, and mobility issues. Hill’s Science Diet is formulated to maintain essential nutrition in healthy pets, ensuring they have all the necessary elements to live a long and happy life. Regardless of the range, Hills has you covered when it comes to catering a diet that suits the specific needs of your pet.

How much Hill’s Science Diet do I feed my pet?

Recommended feeding portions

Feeding portion per day - please adjust quantities to suit your pet's needs

Weight Pouches Per Day
2kg 2
3kg 2 ¼
4kg 3 ½
5kg 4
6kg+ ¾ per kg