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Hill's Science Diet

Hill's Science Diet

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Hill's Science Diet


Premium Dog & Cat Food 

Hill’s Science Diet provides science-led nutrition for dogs and cats of every age and size and a variety of needs. They employ a committed team of animal experts who understand what pets need to live a healthy, happy life, so you can feel confident that you're feeding your pet the quality nutrition they deserve. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I feed my pet?

Just like people, eating amounts vary from pet to pet. Most Hill's pet foods have a feeding guide on the package to help you determine the proper amount to feed your pet. You can also find feeding guides on the product page on the HillsPet website. Please keep in mind that the feeding guide is intended only as a starting point, and you should follow your veterinarian’s recommendation based on your pet's specific health needs.

What is the Hill's Satisfaction guarantee?

 Hill’s are committed to making food that you and your pets will love. Hill’s stand behind their products and if you or your pet is not satisfied for any reason, please return it to the place of purchase with your receipt for a full refund or replacement. Click here for more information on the Hill’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

My pet is a fussy eater, how can I successfully switch their pet food?

In this situation, we suggest following one or more of the tips below to encourage your pet to eat.

  • When switching your pet’s food, a gradual transition from the current food to a new food helps wean your pet from one food to another. This can be done by gradually replacing an increasing proportion of the old food with the new food over a minimum of 7 days

  • For dogs, allow 10-20 minutes for your dog to eat, then remove the remaining food and wait to feed your dog until his next meal

  • If you are feeding dry pet food, try hand-feeding the kibble from your hand in small portions for the first few feedings, like a treat

  • For cats and fussy dogs the transition to new food may take longer, up to 28 days in some cases, so patience is key


Should I feed my pet people food or table scraps?

We do not recommend feeding people food or table scraps. Veterinarians strongly believe that feeding pets table scraps or "people" food can lead to excesses or deficiencies of nutrients in your pet's nutrition which over time may lead to health problems for your pet (like obesity). Feeding table scraps or “people” food can also result in a more finicky pet.

How do you ensure the quality of Hill’s products?

Hill’s cares deeply about product safety and quality. Hill’s builds high levels of safety and quality assurance throughout the product life cycle. In the last 10 years, Hill’s has invested millions of dollars in our facilities, manufacturing practices, and formulas to reduce the risk of food safety issues.

Why do vets recommend Hill’s Science Diet?

Hill’s Pet Nutrition are the leaders in several scientific fields and they use this knowledge to create the quality, nutritious food that your pet deserves. They are strong believers that science-led nutrition is the key to providing the best care possible to your pet, which is why vets recommend their groundbreaking recipes.

What is the difference between Hill’s Prescription Diet and Hill’s Science Diet?

Hill’s Prescription Diet range provides clinically tested, therapeutic nutrition for dogs and cats facing specific health conditions. Hill’s Science Diet brand pet foods are formulated to meet the needs of healthy pets during various life stages and when they can benefit from extra care tailored to their individual needs. The portfolio includes options for every age and size, as well as specialised options for a variety of needs including weight, skin, digestion and more. Science Diet provides science-led nutrition made with great-tasting ingredients your pet will love.