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Kitten Food

Kitten Food

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Kitten Food

Kittens need premium nutrition. The answer is specialised kitten food that is formulated to cater to the higher calorie needs of a growing kitten, while helping support a healthy immune and digestive system and brain, bone and muscle development. Wet kitten food comes in a range of flavours including chicken, lamb, salmon and whitefish. There are also grain-free options available. Dry kitten food has smaller kibble pieces than adult dry cat food, making it easier to eat and encouraging chewing. If you have a new kitten, PETstock offers a wide range of kitten food to choose from. Our quality brands include Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, Advance, Blackhawk, Dine, Applaws, Purina One and Wellness Core. Some kitten food options are also suitable for pregnant and nursing mother cats.