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Fish Tank Live Plants

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Fish Tank Live Plants
Live fish tank plants make aquariums look great while being beneficial for your fishy friends too! Designing your underwater garden is fun, especially when you obtain plants of varying height, shape and colour in an array of greens and reds. Fish love to dart and dive into the interesting or secluded spaces live plants provide. Live fish tank plants also assist your filtration system in producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide or other nitrates generated by fish. They also play an important role in keeping algae at bay. All this helps maintain good water quality, leaving you with fish that are happier and healthier. Our selection of live fish tank plants includes a wide variety such as Wisteria, Blue Stricta, Lace Fern, Ambulia, Pennywort, Purple Waffle, Pink Baby Tears, Ludwigia and Dragons Flame, all sourced from quality suppliers like Pisces Enterprises.